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My Windows 7 machine crashed

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Oh Jesus WTF I restarted after installing cisco vpn and now everytime windows tries to start it bsds. The recovery console is pretty nicely laid out except for the fact that it can’t goddamn fix the problem. Now I’m checking system restore hoping that I’ll be able to boot. I really hope I don’t have to reformat or get new hdd.


UPDATE: I was able to restore last night and get things working. Oddly enough it rebooted after I restored to a point before a Microsft critical update. -_-;;

Windows 7 beta, Test drive

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captureSo after the whole beta release fiasco I have finally been able to get my hands on a copy. My initial impression is very positive. The UI is very lush and intuitive which is a big step up from XP(I will not acknowledge Vista)*. I installed 7 on my five year old Dell Inspiron and everything runs adequately. I have all the pretty effects and no hiccups from running any of my usual programs.  There have been upgrades to the usual amenities such as calculator and paint as well as a few new addition. Two of which are the snip and note functions which work as a screen capture and post-it respectively.

I love the new taskbar and it’s new functionalities. A personal favorite is the thumbnail previews of minimized or blocked windows. Looks like rocket dock it going to have to take a hike. There are also what’s called libraries now which organize content of the similar nature together which I anticipate will be very useful. The start menu has had a face lift and the desktop widgets seem to be useful though I have yet to properly explore them.

As keep installing all my necessary programs and playing around with everything I can’t help be feel a sense of gratification. It’s been along time coming and it looks like Microsoft is finally taking a step in the right direction.

I’ll have more updates as my 7 experience continues. Until then I urge you to check it out yourself. I used life hacker primarily as a guide for getting started and I suggest you do the same if you’re looking for somewhere to start.