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Wanna know what I learned today?

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That the coolant system in a car relies on one tiny very important part, the thermostat. Now let me explain, the thermostat is the piece that regulates the amount of coolant flowing to the engine. Engines are precision machines that get very hot and they require a specific temperature range to to operate nominally.

Now why am I so concerned about them? Well because mine froze shut this morning, and after a short drive I realized my car was very close to overheating in nine degree temperature. With the thermostat frozen there was NO coolant going to my engine and since air is very poor conductor of heat there was little mitigation. Luckily a realized something was wrong and was able to get home. I had a friend some over and take a look and he recognized what happened immediately, gave me a temporary fix and sent me on my way with the solution.

Shortly afterward I found myself in auto zone getting the required parts to repair my car. After Which I was outside in my driveway in the freezing cold at night trying to replace my broken thermostat. After a bout an hour of trying with the wrong tools I was left frustrated at one final bolt I couldn’t possibly reach. The majority of my tool already back at school I might as well as had a child’s play set. Just when I had all but given up fortune smiled on a frustrated me and along came a neighbor of mine. Now this neighbor is a quiet man, that is always working on his cars. He kindly lent me the wrench I needed to finish the job after which I was able to complete it in several minutes. He has a pretty sweet 66 vette btw.

So after spending the majority of the day dicking around with my car where do I stand? I completed nothing of my plans of moving the remaining of my belongings back to school. I did not get to work on the house or discuss fraternity matters. And I may have a cold.

SO what did I really learn today?

Replace my thermostat in the fall, to avoid this ever again.

In other news first day of classes is the 20th. yay~