Workout for 4/12/10

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Just need to keep track:

Squat: 135 9X4
Bench Press: 125 9X4
DB Row: 30 9X4
Press: 55 9X4
SLDL: 45 9X2
BB Curl: 45 9X4
Calf Rasie: 140 9X4

Back still sore but feeling better.

Something notable

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So today I shaved my hair off and I’m pleased to say I’m still handsome.

It was a fundraiser for the pledges and I “won”.

Just another chapter in the Zach Wang hair adventures.

Sam, the Samurai

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I commissioned this guy from an OT member. I’m really pleased with the way it turned out. The guy who made it is pretty talented with metal. He has made a bunch of different sculptures, if you’re interested let me know and I’ll pass along his info.

Spring 10

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School is going well. It’s late but I wanted to get a quick update in. No complaints. Nothing too new, I got a hair cut.


Winter Break busy-ness

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Just about tens left in this winter and what have I been up to? Seems to have gone by in a blur, but to sum it up.

Family for the Holidays. Always fun, I feel as if recently my family has become much closer or maybe I’ve grown up more and grown even fonder of them either way it’s great. This is the best way to spend the holidays.

New Year’s Eve get’s chalked up to the gods of belligerence and excess. All I can say is, “I was amazing.”

I’ve been working with my mother at the Guttman Foundation. I enjoy things here and it keeps me busy.

I would love to work in the city for real one day.

CES is going on at the moment. Lot’s of cool gadgets and gizmos on the horizon. the entire technology community seems to have gotten Slate fever.

I’ve been underwhelmed with the current showing and I look forward to the Apple product.

AMOLED screen are looking more and more stunning and visually appealing. I can’t wait for it to become more widely accessible.

One thing I(and seemingly everyone else) have taken a particular liking to is the Alienware M11X. I haven’t considered purchasing one of their products since I was a kid, but with this I just might have a change of heart.

Started playing EVE online again, on my 1008ha. Fun stuff, but kinda chugs.

Installed a Corsair SSD in the 1008ha, speedy little thing.

Winter 2009 Update

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Hey! So it’s winter, let’s review.

Fall semester was hectic, but end well(3.5 semester GPA)

Business as usual everywhere else in my life. Gym, Frat, Women, etc.

I’ve been on, funny site. met a few nice people that I don’t have enough time to communicate with unfortunately.

Christmas and New Years is quickly approaching, I eagerly anticipate both.

I installed a OCZ 30GB SSD and 2Gb in my eee 1008ha, running well.

Mom is doing well on her fitness quest. I’m very proud of her, and her competitive spirit on

I have to call my Dad this week.

My car is in the shop.

T-minus two weeks until Fall semester 2009

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Back from LBI, nice and tanned. It occurred to me that the summer is waning and there is not much time before school starts again. It’s been a really great summer. The days filled with my internship and weekends spent on adventures with friends.

I look forward to getting back into the swing of things at school. I miss all my brothers and friends. I look forward to meeting many new freshmen and Rush is something I enjoy. 17 credits this semester which is a good amount; I’ll have time to get to the gym and spend leisure time on campus.

I feel like I’m going to bring a more mature version of myself back with me this fall.

In other news, I started a account. They want money in order to do anything so I’m not really expecting much. I need to reach a new social crowd and meet more women. NJIT has always sucked in this capacity. This is the first semester where I have no interest in the frosh females. I feel like I would have nothing in common with them. I should endeavor to join a dance class or something.

Lazy Weekends

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It’s nice, on ocassion to have a weekend off from the craziness of being young. You realize what’s it like having nothing to do; having to keep yourself busy throughout the day. Without any pressure to get anything done.

So far I went food shopping and for a run. I wanted to see a movie or go shopping, but I think I’m just going to veg out for the rest of the day.

The iPhone 3GS is so great. With the new speed bump I feel like I can do everything with this phone. Browse, shop, and media are all fast and easily done. Infact I’m lying in bed writing this post on it now.


Barry Jonas is born

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This weekend I was in Atlantic city with the crew. I learned that blackjack is awesome and that I never want to play crazy wheel(roulette) ever again.

I also found a defintion for Matt in the zone, Epic Matt Mode. It’s web he’s had a few drinks and has no inhibtions in dealing with women. He is one smooth mother.

Finally, I met this guy called Barry Jonas. He is the oldest Jonas brother that doesn’t get any fame cause of his Ill behavior. He’s pretty much awesome in an ill begotten degenerate way. Pictured above after a rough weekend.

My friends, are the Best Friends

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friends-tikibarSeriously they all rock. These people are all woven into the tapestry that is my life and without them I feel like I would simply unwind.