Winter Break busy-ness

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Just about tens left in this winter and what have I been up to? Seems to have gone by in a blur, but to sum it up.

Family for the Holidays. Always fun, I feel as if recently my family has become much closer or maybe I’ve grown up more and grown even fonder of them either way it’s great. This is the best way to spend the holidays.

New Year’s Eve get’s chalked up to the gods of belligerence and excess. All I can say is, “I was amazing.”

I’ve been working with my mother at the Guttman Foundation. I enjoy things here and it keeps me busy.

I would love to work in the city for real one day.

CES is going on at the moment. Lot’s of cool gadgets and gizmos on the horizon. the entire technology community seems to have gotten Slate fever.

I’ve been underwhelmed with the current showing and I look forward to the Apple product.

AMOLED screen are looking more and more stunning and visually appealing. I can’t wait for it to become more widely accessible.

One thing I(and seemingly everyone else) have taken a particular liking to is the Alienware M11X. I haven’t considered purchasing one of their products since I was a kid, but with this I just might have a change of heart.

Started playing EVE online again, on my 1008ha. Fun stuff, but kinda chugs.

Installed a Corsair SSD in the 1008ha, speedy little thing.

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