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225Fact – A Japanese rock band my roomate introduced me too. I don’t listen to enough rock. The first song I heard I thought it was sung in Japanese, but it wasn’t; they sing in english. It seems it though sometimes when the lyrics just get jumbled together. They just released their first album today. You can check the entire album out through some streaming sources they have setup.

6a00b8ea067a57dece00e398d2c6d60005-320piPerfume – A jpop/trance group. I like the sound, it flows very well. It works well as music to run to. Infact I’ve started looking into other jtrance groups to see what I find.she-chiptek

She – A Chinese electro artist. The particular album I am listening to is composed entirely of bit sounds which is unique. I like it because I feel as if I’m in a retro game when I listen.

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