Feburary update

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Well it’s been a month since school began and this is my first post. So what’s up? School and fraternity business has been killing me. I’ve been so very busy trying to study and work on rush. Rush is fraternity recruitment and I’m the head of it this semester. The first three weeks have been packed with events to get the organization’s name out to prospective young men.

So that’s done and we have five young men pledging and they’re a great lot. Rush goes on all the time, but I get to take a bit of a breather now.

Hmm other news? I met a chick and she’s cool. That’s all I have to say on that. :3

Oh shit it’s valentines, nothing to report other than it spent a pleasant evening with my mother. I know that sounds lame, but atleast I didn’t get time traveling drunk this year.

I’m in a pretty good mood, things are going well in my life overall. Gotta keep my head in the books. Stay tuned I’ll try and update more :).

Alittle photo showing my silly side.

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