iPhone 4, and more

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Well here it is, in my hand and what can I say? Very beautiful, very fast, and overall very pleasing.

The design overhaul really plays. This thing is svelte, and it feels solid. I immediately noticed the improved display. I spend so much time on this thing that it is very much appreciated. The sharpness is really stunning.

Functionally I have noticed a small performance boost that coupled with the new OS performs very competently.

I have noticed the signals issues and I certainly hope that the upcoming patch fixes it. I’m not sure if it’s just because this thing has been in my hand so much but I have not noticed the improved battery yet. I have been getting around 6 hours of usage. That usage has mostly been of gaming and web browsing on wifi so that may explain it.

I have yet to use FaceTime or the video functions. Judging from the photos I have been snapping I will not be disappointed.

The addition of a gyroscope is interesting and I have only used it to play a game so far but it works rather well. I am curious to see how it will be further implemented by developers.

Btw on Jobs response to the reception issue, what a cock.

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