iOS 4

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My experience with iOS so far has been quite satisfactory. The only hiccup was that it down sampled all the photos I had stored in the phone(backed up anyway).

Of the new features I must say that the app trays are great. I was able to go from five screens to three. Great for streamlining access to the apps I use most.

The new multitasking has yet to make a notable impact on my day to day use. However I feel as time goes on it will come to be something I can never go back from. I wonder about the process stack though and how much house keeping will be required on my part. I feel that I can trust in the apple engineers but this is a case where I know too much for my own good.

One of the reasons for this post is to test the new spell checking feature. It performs admirably in conjunction with the iPhone fantastic auto complete feature.

I should have my new iPhone in hand on Thursday so I look forward to the new hardware and what enhancements that might bring.

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