Lazy Weekends

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It’s nice, on ocassion to have a weekend off from the craziness of being young. You realize what’s it like having nothing to do; having to keep yourself busy throughout the day. Without any pressure to get anything done.

So far I went food shopping and for a run. I wanted to see a movie or go shopping, but I think I’m just going to veg out for the rest of the day.

The iPhone 3GS is so great. With the new speed bump I feel like I can do everything with this phone. Browse, shop, and media are all fast and easily done. Infact I’m lying in bed writing this post on it now.


Barry Jonas is born

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This weekend I was in Atlantic city with the crew. I learned that blackjack is awesome and that I never want to play crazy wheel(roulette) ever again.

I also found a defintion for Matt in the zone, Epic Matt Mode. It’s web he’s had a few drinks and has no inhibtions in dealing with women. He is one smooth mother.

Finally, I met this guy called Barry Jonas. He is the oldest Jonas brother that doesn’t get any fame cause of his Ill behavior. He’s pretty much awesome in an ill begotten degenerate way. Pictured above after a rough weekend.

Random Musings

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Zachary does not advocate putting different species together in boxes and screaming “DO IT!” at them.
In some countries they use Henry Rollins to scare children into being well behaved.

Snack Box Toy

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kryiosSnackBoxSweet Gundam 00 kryois toy I got from a snack box.

I had a good evening 😀




Except for almost getting murdered by a ghost alien serial pervert.