T-minus two weeks until Fall semester 2009

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Back from LBI, nice and tanned. It occurred to me that the summer is waning and there is not much time before school starts again. It’s been a really great summer. The days filled with my internship and weekends spent on adventures with friends.

I look forward to getting back into the swing of things at school. I miss all my brothers and friends. I look forward to meeting many new freshmen and Rush is something I enjoy. 17 credits this semester which is a good amount; I’ll have time to get to the gym and spend leisure time on campus.

I feel like I’m going to bring a more mature version of myself back with me this fall.

In other news, I started a match.com account. They want money in order to do anything so I’m not really expecting much. I need to reach a new social crowd and meet more women. NJIT has always sucked in this capacity. This is the first semester where I have no interest in the frosh females. I feel like I would have nothing in common with them. I should endeavor to join a dance class or something.