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New haircut!

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First night of MSF Course

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So tonight was a study in motorcycle theory. I read the handbook beforehand so it was pretty much a review. Nothing notable other than I am really excited to get on a bike tomorrow.

If everything goes according to plan I should have my sv650s tomorrow. Joy!

Got my helmet!

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Monza Red Shoei Rf-1100. Love the color. Looking forward to my MSF course this weekend.

Beginning of the great motorcycle adventure!

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About a month ago I felt the desire to ride a bike. Now when I say bike I don’t meant Lance Armstrong; I mean Japanese breed racing machine.


So if you know me then you know I never do anything half ass-ed. For instance I became and expert in keyboards just because I do a lot of typing.


I nailed my permit exam and this weekend I have my MSF Course. “What’s a MSF Course?” you ask; well you can learn more here. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning how to ride a motorcycle.


I’m busy reading “Proficient Motorcycling” which goes in depth on how to be a successful road rider and it’s filled will colorful and graphic examples in order to drill the concepts into your head.


Getting my first motorcycle has been an adventure in itself. I decided on a Suzuki sv650s:







More on that and getting my gear later…


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Dead birds are delicious

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Dead birds are dead

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One pheasant and one chukkar


I started running again.

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Foam roller is awesome!